Uniting Mind With EDLA-certified IMAGO AIOS Interactive Whiteboard For Education With Google Mobile Services (GMS)

Uniting Mind With EDLA-certified IMAGO AIOS Interactive Whiteboard For Education With Google Mobile Services (GMS)

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping the educational landscape, we are excited to announce the launch of the Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA)-Certified IMAGO AIOS Smart Board for Education, fully integrated with Google Mobile Services (GMS). This groundbreaking development promises to redefine interactive learning and teaching methodologies in schools and educational institutions worldwide.

Google 1 Storage

Google 1   Login allows you to utilize your Google profile, access saved content on Google Drive, and collaborate via Google Classroom, access your email keep your content safe with 1 Google account. IMAGO Unity Management (IUM) combines RFID/Biometric Scan with IMAGO AIOS Whiteboard’s designed for speed and accuracy, allowing quick access without compromising security. Users can unlock the full capabilities of the whiteboard with a simple touch, eliminating the need for passwords accesing to their Google profile easily.

Google Secured

EDLA mandates rigorous security protocols for devices. This includes data encryption, secure boot processes, and regular security updates. Google Play Protect enhances Android security by scanning apps for malware, offering safe browsing, lost device protection, and integrating with Google’s security infrastructure, while respecting user privacy.

With IMAGO Unity Management (IUM) combines RFID/Biometric Scan security with AIOS Whiteboard’s for Google digital security measures. In environments where the whiteboard is used by multiple teams or departments, the finger scan feature ensures that only authorized users can access or modify the content. This is particularly beneficial in shared workspaces, educational institutions, and public areas.

Effortlessly access information from the Home screen using Google Search. Enhance your teaching experience by interacting with Google Assistant directly through your IMAGO AIOS Smart Board.

What is EDLA Certification and Why is it Significant?

EDLA certification ensures that each Interactive Smart Board meets specific enterprise-grade standards for security, reliability, and manageability. In the context of education, this means that these interactive Smart Board are not only robust and user-friendly but also meet the highest standards of data security and privacy, a crucial aspect in today’s digital world.

  • Integration with Google’s Educational Tools:
    GMS allows seamless integration with Google’s suite of educational tools
  • Integrated Google Mobile Services (GMS):
    Provides access to a vast array of educational apps and tools from the Google ecosystem, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Enhanced Security and Reliability:
    Both EDLA and GMS emphasize security. EDLA focuses on the hardware and enterprise-level security, while GMS provides secure access to Google’s ecosystem.
  • Data Protection and Privacy:
    With increasing concerns about data privacy, especially for minors, EDLA-certified devices provide a level of assurance that student information is handled securely and ethically.