Technology Should Support Teachers, Not Replace Them

Technology Should Support Teachers, Not Replace Them

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. In the past few years, there was a lot of excitement about the development of certain technologies and how they could make education more interactive and engaging.

Fast forward to 2023, there are prevalent fears that people will be out of their jobs, and replaced by robots. Nonetheless, there are certain roles that are best carried out with the human touch, and teaching is one of these professions.

Technology Should Support Teachers, Not Replace Them

Technology should be created to support teachers in their work, and never to replace them. Useful technologies can help free up teachers’ time to do more important tasks. This was put in the spotlight during the lockdowns, where online teaching and learning were introduced. Mastering new technology in a short time entailed a steep learning curve for many teachers, but they persevered. On the other hand, students were introduced to a new style of learning – with the various new technologies being used, their classroom sessions became more interactive and engaging. Many learners with different capabilities could learn at their own pace for the first time, much to their delight.

Through all this, IMAGO Technologies provided support to educators, schools, and universities with IMAGO-embedded applications inside the Edu Board.


A proprietary video conferencing application with rich capabilities and usability, which is able to deliver consistent performance across all devices and platforms.


Teachers got to experience instant collaboration with seamless screen sharing and screen broadcasting to students’ devices, making learning sessions more interactive and fun for them.


An all-in-one learning management platform built for course creators, coaches, teachers and students.


Meanwhile, a virtual whiteboard that allows live collaborations with a feature-rich library.


IT administrators to centrally manage and control IMAGO Edu Boards in each of the classrooms and offer the automated convenience of implementing patches, updates, and device configurations.


A file-sharing and cloud collaboration platform that allows file preview, file access control, file locking and online editing for remote collaboration.

These are some of the solutions that turn a traditional classroom into a smart classroom, taking education to a whole new level.

In the meantime, IMAGO will continue in our R&D to improve our systems and bring you better and cooler developments. We will continue to strive to future-proof classrooms with the EdTech of tomorrow and hope that you will join us on our journey for the long term.