Reinventing Learning Experience With IMAGO Smart Classroom Solutions

Reinventing Learning Experience With IMAGO Smart Classroom Solutions

Client: University Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
Location: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – Malaysia

About Universiti Malaysia Sabah

Universiti Malaysia Sabah is a public university in Malaysia. It was officially established on 24 November 1994 as the 9th public university in the country. The university is located on a 999-acre site at Sepanggar Bay in Kota Kinabalu, in the Malaysian state of Sabah.

With the aim to be an innovative university of global standing, UMS is on a mission to achieve academic excellence and international recognition through its attention to learning and teaching, research and publications, social services, and balance in knowledge specialization. One of UMS’ objectives is also to enhance the prestige of the university as a community institution that is distinguished, progressive, renowned, and continuously advancing its scholarly output.


As part of their initiative for University 4.0 since 2018, the Smart Space UMS Project aims to bring the Smart Classroom concept to the university. This “Smart Campus” concept also aims to create a well-connected environment campus-wide with an integrated and intelligent campus system (IICS) to provide students more time and location flexibility to attend classes with VOD (Video on Demand) facility and access to online learning materials. At the same time, allowing the lecturers on all campuses to share resources via a central platform.

Apart from being cost-effective, some of UMS’ top criteria for the Smart Campus Project include:

• Ability to integrate with UMS’ existing system
• Ability to communicate with UMS’ existing network structure
• User-friendly – easy for lecturers to use without a steep learning curve
• Integrated/All-in-One – Fewer wires and without the need to integrate with multiple hardware from different vendors
• Smart – Ability to manage and control lessons without the need for complicated switches and cables.

Solutions and Technology Applied

Upon understanding UMS’ requirements, IMAGO presented a solution that includes an IMAGO All-in-One system – Edu Board, IMAGO Tracking Camera, as well as IMAGO M600 Microphone to UMS. The tailor-made solution is also completed with applications for video conferencing, wireless presentation, and classroom management that would allow UMS to manage many displays through one centralized point.

With IMAGO Solutions meeting all their criteria, UMS chose to equip their classrooms and common learning rooms with IMAGO Edu Boards. Edu Board is an all-in-one system, which is more than an interactive whiteboard.

IMAGO Edu Board combines video conferencing capabilities with a built-in camera, and omnidirectional microphones, along with the ease of hosting and joining online classes with the IMAGO Flash video-conferencing application. Addressing the need for a more conducive and participative learning environment, IMAGO Edu Board is equipped with tools that allow real-time co-annotation and editing to facilitate more collaborative lessons and classroom sessions.

IMAGO Smart Present, which is also an integrated software with IMAGO Edu Board, provides much-needed classroom and lesson management to lecturers so they can control lesson content and classroom remotely from a single point. The Smart Present software takes collaboration a step further with the reverse broadcast function. This simple-to-use feature allows lecturers to share content directly to students’ devices and encourage interaction and engagement – bringing a whole new way to engage with digitally savvy students.


IMAGO’s Smart Classroom Education solution has proven to be the perfect solution for UMS, fulfilling every aspect of UMS’ “Smart Campus” implementation and digital transformation.

The all-in-one solution addressed their need for a simple, wireless, and cost-effective solution. IMAGO Edu Board, along with integrated software transforms the traditional learning environment into one that is more participative, digitally driven, and exciting for UMS students.

Feedback from UMS lecturers has been extremely positive. They are pleased with the ease of use of the IMAGO Edu Board and how it has helped to provide a more conducive learning environment for the students. Being able to gain control of the classroom and content with Smart Present is also a feature that is much appreciated and praised by UMS educators.
Both students and teachers also love the ability to connect and participate with mobile devices, making collaboration so seamless.

“IMAGO Edu Board all-in-one system is an ideal solution that meets our concept and requirements to facilitate teaching and learning in the current era,” – Professor Datuk Chm. Ts. Dr. Taufiq Yap Yun Hin, Vice Chancellor of UMS

Moving Forward

The success of this implementation has paved way for Phase 2, where UMS is looking at outfitting classrooms in their Sandakan branches with more Edu Boards to complete their Smart Campus ecosystem.